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Dedicated To Pipe Organ Maintenance
Since 1987

Being a professional pipe organ technician, I am dedicated to the highest standards of quality. I am offering you almost 20 years of experience in all aspects of pipe organ maintenance, servicing the entire Chicagoland, Rockford and Milwaukee areas and every place in between.
I can deliver a unique service to the pipe organ manufacturers and service companies of the area by providing an "extra pair of hands". You can count on quality assistance whenever you need help, whether it's during an installation or upgrade, or handling unexpected service calls.
You can read a partial listing of my services and can be assured of a very competitive fee schedule tailored to the service rendered. I would be pleased to speak with you if you have any on-going or upcoming projects which require any of the skills that I am proud to be offering to you.

Feel free to telephone or E-MAIL any questions. You can, if you wish, tell me about your pipe organ project via the Questionnaire I have prepared.

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Phone - 630.479.5738

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Updated February 09, 2006
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